Federal Contracts Corp Creates Connections at the 2019 NIGP Forum

NIGP 2019 was a great opportunity for Federal Contracts Corp to create connections between manufacturers and federal government procurement agents.

Sunbelt Rentals Donates AC Units to Veteran in Need

Sunbelt Rentals supplied 2 AC Units to Disabled Army Colonel, Cappy, after his home was struck by lightning, affecting is Air Conditioning.

Federal Contracts Corp Offers Rice Lake Weighing Systems Equipment

Since 1946, the Rice Lake has been “The Best By Every Measure” by merging weighing industry knowledge and experience with cutting-edge research and design of future weighing systems.

Heatweed Technologies is Your Eco-Friendly Solution to Weed Control

Heatweed Sensors, compatible with Holder Tractors, has an eco-friendly, chemical-free solution to weed control.

Federal Contracts Corp Provides Equipment for NASA's Ascent Abort-2 Test Launch

NASA's Ascent Abort-2 marks another stride towards the Artemis Missions to the Moon that will lead them to Mars!

Meet Federal Contracts Corp's Newest Partnered Manufacturer: Auger Torque

Auger Torque is one of the world's leading manufacturer of Earth Drilling and Trenching equipment and attachments.

Federal Contracts Corp Volunteers at the 7th Annual Jackson in Action Youth Camp

The Jackson in Action 83 Foundation focuses on the educational, emotional, and physical health of children of military families.
Their annual youth camp, teaches them to get out, and get active.

Seven Simple Steps to Prepare for a Hurricane

Federal Contracts Corp understands the difficulties of preparing for a hurricane. We have compiled a 7-Step hurricane preparedness plan.

SOFIC had Record-Breaking Attendance for 2019!

Almost 13,000 people attended the event from over 39 different countries. This is the most attendance ever for a non-demonstration year.

Egel-Rey-Kennedy-Ricke-FCC Booth 2

The Department of Energy Celebrates the Utilization of Small Business

Some agencies had upwards of 50% or more of their yearly and quarterly budgets spent through small businesses!

Chris Represents FCC at the 2019 Army Engineer Association Industry Exhibition

Chris had a booth set up with Kevin from HCI Energy and Ed from Felling Trailers for a great exhibition!

Federal Contracts Corp delivers a Felling FT-16-T Trailer for Navy Key West

Felling Pan Drop Tilt Trailers are ideal for any low clearance machine and are efficient in a wide variety of work environments.

Federal Contracts Corp delivers a Wacker Neuson DW90 Dumper for VA-Florida National Cemetery

The DW90 is designed to carry full payloads across rough terrain, muddy conditions, and steep hills and has more versatility than traditional dump trucks.

FCC Works with the Department of Defense to Identify USS Oklahoma Victims

FCC helped the Department of Defense identify the remains of the 388 unidentified crew members after the attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Federal Contracts Corp Helps NASA Build the Next Launch Vehicle

FCC provides the equipment for NASA to build a launch vehicle to test the abort system. The test launch is expected April, 2019.

Army Recognition