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FCC Helps the Manatees

The Florida weather has been unpredictable lately, and the cold fronts have been causing a few issues for many Floridians- human, mammal, and marine!

 Last week, many manatees were stuck in the cold lagoon water in St. Lucie Lock and Dam when Florida experienced unusually low temperatures. Manatees are relatively tropical animals, and they cannot live year-round any farther north than Florida. “Sea cows,” as they are affectionately called, have a special place in the hearts of many Floridians. These gentle, docile creatures are revered- and a protected species. When temperatures fall below 68 degrees, they become sick and could die, and the water in the lagoon was at 56 degrees. Time was of the essence! Luckily, the Army Corps of Engineers knew who they could call for a fast response with an unusual request- Federal Contracts Corp was able to quickly rent boilers and pumps to ACE.


The day after ACE contacted FCC, the equipment was set up at the lagoon, and everyone got to work to rescue the manatees. One end of the tube was attached to the boiler and the other end was placed in the water. The tube was able to heat the water by being hooked up to the heater. The lagoon was heated to a much more comfortable 90 degrees. Within hours, the water was warm enough that the manatees were no longer in danger. All 22 manatees were able to survive in the lagoon!


 Federal Contracts Corp was pleased to be able to help the Army Corps of Engineers save some of Florida’s beloved manatees. As a small business, we’re able to respond to even the most unusual emergency requests immediately- no matter the time of day or night. Call us at 813-631-0000 or email [email protected] to see what we can do for you!