Contract Awards

Long-Term Contracts with the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program, allow federal agencies to purchase in a streamlined manner.

Listed below are Federal Contracts Corp’s available GSA Contracts.

Automotive Superstore: Schedule 23v – GS-30F-0008S

Hardware Supterstore: Schedule 51v – GS-21F-098AA

Buildings & Building Materials/Indusrial Service & Supplies: Schedule 56 – GS-07F-202CA

Sports/Promotional/Outdoor/Recreational/Trophies/Signs: Schedule 78 – GS-03F-113DA


                                                                                 Defense Logistics Agency - Wikipedia

 The Largest Logistics Combat support agencies providing supplies to the military services                              while supporting their acquisition of weapons, fuel, and other materials.

                                   Listed below is Federal Contracts Corp’s available DLA Contract.


             Trucks and Trailers:  DLA HEPP  – SPE8EC-19-D-0040 – Felling Trailers and Demco 

                             Agriculture: DLA HEPP – SPE8EC-20-D-0060 – Vermeer Corp and CAT UTVs

                                                     Agriculture: DLA HEPP – SPE8EC-21-D-0070 – Case IH

Blank Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) provide convenience, efficiency, and reduced costs for federal agency and schedule contractors to fulfill recurring needs.

We have many BPA’s that your agency can piggy back on. 

Listed below are some of Federal Contracts Corps’s Available BPA contracts.

Fish and Wildlife Service- F13PA00068

Department of Agriculture and Forestry Service- AG-04KK-B-14-0004

Bureau of Land Management/National Interagency Fire Service- L17PA00122

Department of Interior/Bureau of Land Management- L17PA00129

United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) – H9224020D0021



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