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A Rising Force in the Tampa Bay Business Journal

In the dynamic landscape of business, Federal Contracts Corp (FCC) proudly stands as a significant contributor. We have made our mark on prestigious lists exemplifying excellence. Federal Contracts Corps secured its position in the Tampa Bay Business Journal for several sectors ‘The List’ for Tampa Bay 200, Defense Contractors and CFO of the year. These accomplishments showcase remarkable growth, resilience, and leadership.

The List – Tampa Bay 200

Defense Contractors
In the realm of defense contracting, Federal Contracts Corp has secured a commendable position at number 25, as ranked by the dollar value of contracts awarded in 2022. The dollar value of contracts reached the multi-millions, showcasing FCC’s prowess in securing and executing contracts with precision.

As a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, FCC brings a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the defense sector’s unique needs. Specializing as a supplier of heavy equipment to all branches of the federal government, FCC’s contribution to national defense is both significant and impactful.

Leadership and Recognition:

 tricia ricke headshot

Adding to the accolades is Patricia Ricke, the Senior Vice President, and CFO of Federal Contracts Corp. Her outstanding contributions were recently recognized when she was awarded CFO of the Year by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. This prestigious award is a testament to Patricia’s financial acumen and her invaluable role in FCC’s financial success.

Federal Contracts Corp’s inclusion on ‘The List’ for Tampa Bay 200, Defense Contractors and CFO of the year reflects not only financial prowess but also a commitment to excellence, innovation, and service to the nation. As the company continues to expand its footprint, these achievements mark milestones in our journey as leaders in the federal contracting landscape. The dedication of our leadership team and the collective efforts of our contribution to FCC’s impact on both the local business scene and national defense.