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VR Training

Virtual reality isn’t just a game anymore; It’s a  game-changer when it comes to virtual training.  Manufacturers across the country such as Caterpillar, JLG Industries, and Vermeer are all incorporating VR into their safety and training protocols. From general safety on the job site to more complex equipment training, VR can train operators more efficiently, reduce costs, and ensure safety.

Cat Safety VR

Caterpillar has always made safety a priority and, with the utilization of their virtual reality training simulator, training just became easier and safer. Cat Safety VR training focuses on learning safe behaviors and effectively communicating and interacting with others on the job site. The simulator creates realistic scenarios in which the learner must avoid injury and assist others to complete tasks. One of the experiences takes place on a four-lane highway construction project. The user learns lessons from the virtual foreman on how to stay focused around unpredictable traffic conditions, how to assist other workers, and how to not get injured while on the job site. Cat Safety VR training simulator is just another way that Caterpillar is reducing the number of injuries and ensuring a safer future. 

JLG’s AccessReady Fusion XR

JLG Industries has made recent upgrades to its virtual reality training. With their new AccessReady Fusion XR, users can now be well-versed in both boom lift and scissor lift training. The simulator is an immersive, virtual reality-based training exercise for users of all skill levels, covering everything from control knowledge to advanced machine operation. Unlike other VR systems, AccessReady Fusion XR allows users a sit-down experience that mimics the actual controls of the machine they’re operating. Another added feature is that instructors can now create custom scenarios. Scenarios can then be sequenced so that it walks users through a variety of exercises based upon their skill level. JLG is leading the way in the future of Boom Lift and Scissor lift training. 

Vermeer HDD Simulator


Created by ForgeFX Simulations, the Vermeer Corporation now has its first directional drilling simulator to train users in underground utility construction. Featuring the complete line of horizontal directional drills, the Vermeer HDD Simulator allows for users to be trained in underground utility installations without ever breaking ground. This training simulator helps Vermeer teach operators about drill controls, how to correctly use the drill, as well as several smaller details essential to operating the drill. Horizontal directional drilling has minimal impact on the surrounding environment and allows for most of the ground surface to be undisturbed. Without training, a considerable amount of damage can occur. The simulator gives operators real-time feedback, allowing them to understand what went wrong and how they can improve their skills. Vermeer is partnering with ForgeFX Simulations to create a safer training method for its employees and everyone. 

Federal Contracts Corp offers the full line of Caterpillar, JLG, and Vermeer products. Visit our website or call us at 813-631-0000.