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Holder Tractor

Bridget, Charles, and Sharon of Holder Tractor recently visited Federal Contracts Corp to let us experience one of their most popular models: the C 70 CT. This model is the new multifunctional, articulated implement carrier. This tractor has a modified exhaust system that meets the American exhaust emission standard Tier 4 Final. This 70 hp, twin cab tractor has Holder’s award-winning PowerDrive and four strengthened wheel motors to ensure greater power capacity and lower fuel consumption.

There are three attachment areas: front lift, rear lift, and an area over the engine. Some attachment options include Snowplows, Sweepers, Salt and Sand Spreaders, Watering Equipment, Hydraulic Arms, Snow Blowers, Mowers, and Water Tanks. The multitude of attachments allows users to carry out multiple tasks with the use of only one tractor. Holder Tractor is the total solution with endless possibilities.

We thank Holder Tractor for taking the time to come out and teach FCC about the features and capabilities of the C 70 CT. Learning about the equipment that we offer through our multiple government contracts is something very important to us. We pride ourselves in finding the best possible solution for the best price for our customers and understanding the products we sell is a very critical component.

To learn more about Holder Tractor and the equipment offered through Federal Contracts Corp,