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Great Lakes

Matt and Chris recently took a trip to Chicago to meet with Naval Station Great Lakes as they winterize their facilities. Twice a year, Naval Station Great Lakes uses a 360-ton Gatwood crane to lift their ships in and out of Lake Michigan at the beginning and end of winter.

One of the great advantages of renting a crane through Federal Contracts Corp is not only the ease of the rental process, but that the crane comes with an expert crane operator. For 13 years, Bryan of Gatwood Crane has been making the biannual trip out to Naval Station Great Lakes to move the ships in and out of the lake. This move requires absolute precision as Bryan uses a crane to move an entire ship out of the water and gently onto a platform without any damage to either the ship or the platform. Having the great relationships with vendors like Gatwood Crane help us to create better solutions for our government customers.

Naval Station Great Lakes is a great customer of ours and we love to work with them on the various projects they have. We have had a BPA contract with them for the past eight years and hope to continue to work with them in the future. Chris and Matt were grateful that they could be there and truly be a part of the project and make sure that the equipment that we rent out is the most efficient and effective. This way, we can better understand the challenges of our government customers and rise to meet them.