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Reaching Milestones

Since partnering with Polaris nearly three years ago, Federal Contracts Corp has been providing federal customers top-of-the-line off-road vehicles. Last month, FCC reached a significant milestone by selling their 1,000th Polaris vehicle. This marks the first time FCC has sold 1,000 products from a single manufacturer.

Polaris specializes in making high-quality, innovative products that have proven to be both durable and reliable. This has propelled Polaris into becoming a world leader in the manufacturing of off-road vehicles.

The UTVs, like the Polaris Ranger 1000, and other Polaris vehicles were delivered to nearly every government agency in the United States including active military bases, national parks and national forests. Federal Contracts Corp gives its customers access to the full line of Polaris vehicles via GSA Advantage. Additionally, FCC also has the pleasure to partner with GEM and Taylor-Dunn, two brands in the Polaris family.

Since 1949, Taylor-Dunn has been producing and distributing vehicles that are not only tough and rugged, but are also dependable to move various types of personnel, equipment, and materials. GEM also provides dependable vehicles, and, since they began in 1998, have become one of the world’s largest manufactures of electric vehicles on the market. Federal customers can view the full line of Taylor-Dunn and GEM products through GSA Advantage.

FCC not only delivered the products but also delivered on their promise to keep government purchasing simple and fast. Constant quoting and quick response times from Polaris helped FCC reach this considerable milestone. Donny Jeffers, a Contracts Specialist for FCC, played a large role in the sales and collaborative effort from both FCC and Polaris.

FCC looks forward to providing many more quality Polaris products to the nation’s military and other federal agencies as they continue on to the next goal of reaching 2,000 vehicles deployed to support the mission of our Department of Defense and Federal Government.

 To view the full line of Polaris products available, visit our website or call us at 813-631-0000.