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Blanket Purchase Agreement

Government purchasing is complicated. Navigating mundane, intricate bidding platforms trying to find the product you need, and potentially not even getting the desired results?! The entire process can be time-consuming and tedious.

Federal Contracts Corp is here to simplify your government purchasing needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to reduce the complications of purchasing into a streamlined process that makes your purchasing easier.

One way we do this is with a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). Rather than searching around for the product you want time and time again, a BPA creates a set order of products and services to fulfill repetitive needs and eliminates the bidding process entirely. Any federal customer can create a BPA and easily purchase the desired equipment you need for your agency, and by pairing it with one of Federal Contracts Corp’s GSA Contracts, the setup process can be simplified.

FCC currently has BPA contracts with the United States Department of Agriculture, the Department of Interior, and the most recent with the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

Federal Contracts Corp and the Special Operations Command have completed several purchases in the past, but earlier this summer SOCOM decided to simplify their purchasing by creating a BPA contract. FCC now supplies Polaris Rangers and other Polaris UTVs to the Special Operations Command with faster turn-around times, thanks to this BPA. 

Polaris has been at the forefront of creating highly reliable, durable UTVs for over 60 years.

They have become a world leader in off-road innovation and offer a diverse portfolio of best-in-class vehicles to fit any need. FCC offers the full line of Polaris equipment through our GSA Contract.

SOCOM is headquartered in Tampa, Florida at MacDill Airforce Base. They are known for being the “tip of the spear” meaning their special forces are used to puncture the enemy’s initial lines of defense. This military tactic is why their logo is a golden tip of a spear. SOCOM has been operating since 1987, and FCC is proud to provide our nations special forces with the best in off-road vehicles.

For more information regarding BPAs, Polaris equipment, and other purchasing needs, visit our website or call us at 813-631-0000.